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Organic Cashew Kernels

Organic Cashew Kernels

Turning weeds into organic fertilizers in cashew care at Fomexco Farm


Previously, cashew growers in Binh Phuoc province - Vietnam often collected cashew leaves and branches after harvest to burn, polluting the environment, degrading the soil, and affecting the growth and development of cashew trees.

u la dieu lam phan bon huu co

(Turning weeds into organic fertilizers in cashew care at Fomexco Farm)

In recent years, farmers in areas growing organic cashews of Fomexco Joint Stock Company have applied sustainable organic farming, taking advantage of cashew leaves, post-harvest cashews, weeds and branches after pruning. Apply agricultural mulching technology to compost and make microbial organic fertilizer. This technique is now commonly used in the gardens of Fomexco.

Turning weeds into organic fertilizers in cashew care at Fomexco Farm

(Fomexco's technicians guide farmers to compost organic matter)

After a few years of following the instructions of the Fomexco Joint Stock Company, farmers were really surprised by the growth of cashew trees, thanks to this method, the cashew tree has enough nutrients to grow healthy, the trunk and roots are very large, the foliage is wide, less susceptible to pests and diseases, improve soil fertility, create a favorable environment for beneficial microorganisms to grow, regulate temperature, keep soil moist, prevent weeds, harmful insects, help Plants grow well, give high yield.
In addition, farmers have also started to take advantage of the remnants of locally available plants such as grass, green vegetables, water hyacinth, etc. to make raw materials for organic fertilizer.

organic cashew seedling

(Organic Cashew Seedling)

Composting is not a new method for farmers in Vietnam, but it is a new farming direction for cashew growing areas. Fomexco Joint Stock Company will continue to expand and provide technical guidance for new farming areas, including areas that have not yet implemented organic, with the goal of clean and sustainable agriculture for Vietnam. “When the Covid-19 epidemic is under control, we will invite foreign partners and customers to visit and survey directly at the garden, in order to share knowledge and experience in sustainable agricultural farming and sign a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. signed cooperation contracts to supply organic cashew to the international market…” – General Director of Fomexco Nguyen Thanh Lam shared

Source: Fomexco JSC