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Starts Building Plants And Planting Areas With Fair Trade Label (Fairtrade Mark)

01/07/2021 4556 Viewed

Over 10 years of operating in the field of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, in parallel with the construction and development of organic cashew growing areas in recent years, Fomexco has always been associated with the interests of community development. community, society, and nature protection. With unremitting efforts, the company has increasingly built up a reputation in the international market, is interested by partners, and wishes to have long-term cooperation in export trade as well as financial investment and development. quality and stable supply.


From the very beginning of the company's establishment, with the aspiration to eradicate poverty and sustainable development for farmers, farmers have been participating in organic cashew growing projects. Fomexco was consulted by technical experts to show that there is still a fair trade route for farmers by providing technical support, agricultural materials, etc. The road to building Faritrade longan products is an activity of great importance. strategic and sustainable perspective.

Currently, Fomexco is cooperating with customers to build factories and planting areas with fair trade labels for their cashew kernels for export, so that consumers have the opportunity to understand. understand better with disadvantaged workers, help them sell their products at a higher price, and earn a satisfactory income for their efforts. A product that is successfully sold with the Fairtrade Mark brand will contribute to the welfare fund for farmers in accordance with Fairtrade's general regulations.

“The lowest class workers are farmers who are often forgotten in the issues of worker rights in the supply chain. Manufacturers and traders are often so busy looking for profits that they forget the extremely important role of farmers - the first person in the supply chain of agricultural products. With our enthusiasm, we strive to find ways to raise awareness, advocate for changes to ensure fair trade for the disadvantaged working class in society in Vietnam.” - CEO of Fomexco JSC shared

CEO of Fomexco jSC

 Nguyen Thanh Lam (left) - General Director of Fomexco JSC shared

FloCert has certified the Fomexco factory standard as certified fair trade production. In addition, FloCert has also received sufficient documents and confirmed that in the next 6 months, FloCert will conduct an assessment and grant FairTrade certification for growing areas of Fomexco Joint Stock Company that are exploiting when meeting 10 Fair standards. Trade.

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Source: Fomexco JSC