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Fomexco JSC - Successfully renewed Kosher certification

08/05/2020 1267 Viewed

To continue exporting agricultural products in Vietnam to markets of the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. To penetrate deeply into these markets and enhance the added value on each product as well as enhance the brand and create a competitive position. On 07/05/2020 Fomexco Joint Stock Company successfully renewed Kosher certification


 Fomexco JSC -  Successfully renewed Kosher certification


Kosher Certificate is a certificate issued by reputable kosher suppervision certification organizations and is an official member of the Association of Kosher Arganization of Kosher Global Arrangement Association for Kosher products. Strict application of Jewish law.

Kosher foods are foods that fit into the Jewish diet. This certificate carefully controls not only finished products but also raw materials and the entire production process. Consumers increasingly use Kosher products because of the safety, reliability and control that Kosher certification brings. Kosher products are estimated to account for one third of the US market, with a value of about US $ 2 billion.


Source: Fomexco JSC