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Fomexco achieved the BRC global certification for the production and export of cashew kernels

11/07/2023 1436 Viewed

Fomexco's factory in Binh Phuoc province has received the BRC global certification for processing and exporting organic cashews - with an A rating.

BRC (British Retailer Consortium) is a global standard for food safety established by the British Retail Consortium in 1998 for quality control and food safety. This standard is adopted by more than 8,000 food businesses in more than 80 countries.

The BRC standard provides requirements that help us control the product supply chain from input materials starting from seed supply, planting, harvesting and processing to product delivery to customers. This is a special feature of the BRC standard, instead of only controlling food safety and hygiene at the point of sale, with the BRC standard, businesses must control hygiene from input materials to production. export and consumption. The whole closed process must strictly comply with hygiene quality.

To achieve BRC certification, the Fomexco factory in Binh Phuoc needs to meet the most stringent requirements from an assessment and certification organization. At the same time, applying a closed model from the construction of material growing areas, purchasing to export production and export, traceability of raw materials, always ensuring that the control system is operating correctly and complying with the requirements. national and international law.

BRCGS Certificate

Right from the first day of establishment, the company's leadership has always researched and improved in the production and export of organic cashews to ensure the highest product quality and food safety for consumers, including: even in difficult times when the factory is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fact that the factory in Binh Phuoc received BRC global certification has helped Fomexco increasingly affirm its reputation with customers and partners, reinforcing a firm belief in food safety with consumers. This is a great effort in Fomexco's journey to find organic cashew trees to help cashew farmers grow economically, ensure social security and protect the environment.

Source: Fomexco JSC