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The suspected fraud case of 100 containers of cashew nuts exported to Italy is very sophisticated

10/03/2022 619 Viewed

Regarding the form of fraud, the buyer bypasses the loophole of the payment method, in this case it is through the method of collecting documents (Documents against Payment D/P).

In fact, the seller allows the buyer to defraud because when negotiating the contract, the buyer may not know the origin of the partner or have not clearly verified the partner or through a broker, and the seller completely lacks partner information. This can be the main reason for foreign partners to have fraudulent conditions.

Mr. Pham Van Hong, Vice President of the Italian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Torino

(Mr. Pham Van Hong, Vice President of the Italian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Torino)

Regarding the case, the Vietnamese exporter needs to quickly make a letter of authorization for an Italian lawyer specializing in import and export and can go through the Italian Embassy, ​​or the Italian Consulate in Vietnam for confirmation.

When the lawyer receives the letter of authorization, he will go to the economic police agency of the host country to report this scam with the evidence that the two banks have contacted each other.

With the declaration at the police station, we can stop the customs clearance. In addition, the seller also needs to contact the shipping company immediately to request a change of the CCA bill of lading, before the container arrives at the port.

From the suspected case of exporting 100 containers of goods to Italy, vice president of the Italian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Turin said that the most important thing for exporters in Vietnam to choose their own international payment method and select bankers who have real experience in this field.

We do not need to export, and then accept the buyer's request, but it is not okay to follow such a D/P form of payment. At least the buyer must transfer 30% in advance, the rest 70% pay by letter of credit (LC).

Because with this payment method, if the goods arrive at the buyer's port, if there is a problem, the exporter can keep this 30% to cover the cost of returning the goods.

In addition, the appraisal of the company is indispensable, through specialized agencies such as: trade, chambers of commerce in the host country for verification.

Currently, the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy is actively supporting to find a way to solve the case of 100 containers of cashew nuts exported to this country at risk of being scammed.

Before receiving the official dispatch from the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), informing that some businesses had difficulties in making payments when exporting cashews to Italy on March 8, the Vietnam Trade Office in Italy received Some businesses have called for help and actively contacted ship owners and Italian partners to verify information and support Vietnamese businesses.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ