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Market trend on Vietnam organic cashew kernel in 6 months remain 2021

23/06/2021 1187 Viewed

As per the Covid expansion and difficulties in business for a half year of 2021, Fomexco JSC is so proud to be one of the biggest suppliers of organic cashew kernel to market, especially in EU and USA. And we wish to be more and more developed in the remain a half of year until the end of year 2021 with your strong support.

The fact is that the Cop 2021 in Vietnam is not so good with quantity due to the weather and climate in March 2021 was so terrible with raining so hard. The quantity collected is not as estimated and predicted from all the Farms, it is about 280,000-300,000MT compare to the normal crop quantity 350,000-400,000MT of raw cashew nut. Organic Farms are including too in this situation…However, with the investment in new planting area in Ninh Thuan provice, we still get enough quantity of organic material raw cashew for production and supplying in 2021 (estimatedly 1500-1800 MT cashew kernel).

Another issue that all the suppliers in Vietnam cope with is the shortage of the broken pieces of cashew kernel. A huge quantity is purchased by the buyers lead to the issue, every production from our factory with broken pieces is booked by our closed clients… We still don’t why they ask to buy the broken pieces so strong this year. From now to the end of year, the situation of broken pieces will keep increasing as forecast.

Farmers build fences around organic cashew orchards(Farmers build fences around organic cashew orchards)

As we all know the Logistics and shipping lines this year is crazy for freight cost. It keeps going up month by month and caused many trouble for both buyers and sellers, and in the end of day they earn a lot of money from our margin. Even it is still very hard for getting booking in Vietnam. It is forecasted to be up more in coming months to EU and USA sea port. There is no signal of going down on freight cost…

However, we have good news that Fomexco JSC has applied and successfully audited to be FAIRTRADE suppliers for organic cashew kernel. Hence, if you have any requirement of FAIRTRADE organic cashew kernel, please contact and let us know your demand to supply. It will help to develop the Planting area and living standard of farmers. We wish that we will be more and more successful if we have FAIRTRADE and bring the bright living for Farmers.

Fomexco JSC is ready to receive the new order for delivery in Sept, Oct 2021. Please consider and let us know your demand to offer the best competitive price.

Once again, thanks so much for your cooperation, and wish for our business relationship in future

Source: Fomexco JSC