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Fomexco affirms its position and prestige at the Biofach fair 2023

21/02/2023 1936 Viewed

On February 14, the world's leading trade fair for organic food Biofach 2023 opened in the city of Nuremberg, Bavaria, southern Germany. This 34th fair, taking place from February 14-17, attracts over 2,500 companies from nearly 100 countries, of which Fomexco is one of 10 Vietnamese enterprises participating in the fair.

Participating in this fair, Fomexco Joint Stock Company has increasingly affirmed its position and prestige when welcoming many customers and partners to visit the booth. Over 10 years of experience, Fomexco specializes in the production and export of organic cashew nuts, constantly increasing productivity, quality and competitiveness, meeting the increasing demands of the world consumer market.

Fomexco actively shares information with businesses at the fair about the journey to organic agriculture, along with customers that have contributed to promoting the local economy, about trade opportunities in the context of relations between Vietnam and Vietnam. South and Germany are developing very well.

Biofach 2023 took place effectively, with the participation of many businesses and potential partners not only from Germany but also from other new entrants such as Peru, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain.., promising many opportunities for organic cashew products in particular and Vietnam's organic agriculture in general.

At the end of the fair, Fomexco staff had a trip to Switzerland, the Netherlands, France... to meet their close partners and customers directly to find out the actual needs and continue to improve the quality. products, expanding the export market of Vietnam's organic cashews.

Source: Fomexco JSC